Windows 8

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Microsoft Prepares To Launch New Version Of Windows

Windows 8 has won fewer fans than Microsoft hoped, when it designed the operating system to push people away from using a mouse with their PCs. Now, with its next version expected out in a year or so, the company is rethinking things.


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Microsoft Reinvents Start Button In Windows 8 Update

Microsoft heard a lot of complaints when it ditched the Start button in its latest version of Windows. Now, it’s kind of bringing it back.


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Expert Says Windows 8 May Be Cause For Declining PC Sales

The PC looks to be nearing the end of its road, if recent sales figures are to be believed.



Windows Unveils Touch Friendly Operating System ‘Windows 8’

Microsoft this morning is taking the wraps off the newest version of Windows.


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Say Goodbye To Your Mouse, Your Phone Number… And What Else?!

We take things like phone numbers and the computer mouse for granted, but they won’t be around for very long, according to one tech expert.


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Microsoft Unveils Preview Of Windows 8

Microsoft is previewing the next version of Windows. KYW’s Ian Bush tells us it’s very different from what PC users are familiar with.