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Philadelphia Jury Says It Is ‘Hung’ On Most Counts In Priest Sex Abuse Trial

The jury in the Philadelphia priest sex abuse case told the judge on the 12th day of deliberations that they are unable to reach a verdict on four of the five charges in this landmark case.


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Jurors Still Weighing Fate of Accused Priests in Philadelphia Clergy Sex Abuse Trial

Monsignor William Lynn is charged with endangering children while serving a secretary for clergy at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and Father James Brennan is charged with molesting a child.


Philly Priest-Abuse Jury Goes Home After 9th Day

A Philadelphia jury has failed to reach a verdict after nine days of deliberations in a groundbreaking priest-abuse case.


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Life Intrudes On Philadelphia Jury Weighing Priest Sex Abuse Case

The jury won’t deliberate this Friday. They’ll resume late on Monday, and won’t work next Wednesday or Friday if they have still not reached verdicts by then.


(Msgr. William Lynn, with his attorneys, in 2012 file photo.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Philadelphia Jury Continues To Weigh Fate of Priests Charged In Sex Case

The jury considering the Philadelphia clergy sexual abuse case posed more questions to the judge on Wednesday.


Clergy Abuse Jury Focusing On Key Documents

The jury has requested key documents, explanations of various legal terms and it has parsed the language of the legal charge, focusing on the significance of specific words.


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Jurors in Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial Ask Questions During Deliberation

Jurors sought clarification on the word “and” specific to legal issues. Attorneys for the defense and prosecution could not agree on a response.


(Msgr. William Lynn, on his way into court with his attorney last April.  Credit: Steve Tawa)

Jury Deliberations Begin In Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial

After all-day closing arguments on Thursday and instructions from the judge on Friday morning, the jury in the landmark clergy child sex abuse case began deliberations.


(File photo of Msgr. William Lynn, with his attorney. Credit: Steve Tawa)

Priest Abuse Jury Hears Closing Arguments Today

With over two months of evidence behind them, jurors in the landmark clergy sexual abuse case are scheduled to hear closing arguments today.


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Defense Rests In Clergy Abuse Trial

The defense has rested in the clergy sexual abuse case, and closing arguments are expected tomorrow.


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Monsignor Says He’s Sorry But Blameless For Teen’s Abuse By Pedophile Priest

Msgr. William Lynn maintains he was powerless to change the church’s practices for dealing with predator priests. As he put it at one point, he was “not the cardinal archbishop of Philadelphia.”


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Philadelphia Monsignor Grilled on Witness Stand At Child Sex Abuse Trial

Prosecutor Patrick Blessington asserted again and again that Monsignor William Lynn has lied — to victims, to parishioners, to nuns and priests, and to the police, all to protect predator priests and to avoid negative publicity and legal action.


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Philadelphia Priest Takes Stand In His Own Defense At Child Sex Abuse Trial

Monsignor William Lynn is charged with endangering minors by allowing priests accused of sexually abusing children to remain in ministry.


(Photos from Phila. DA's ofc.)

Philadelphia Priest Sex Abuse Trial Moves To Defense Phase

The prosecution has rested in the landmark clergy abuse case that has rocked the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


(The late Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua.)

Key Witness Says Philadelphia Clergy Lied To Hide List of Predator Priests

A longtime lawyer for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia says the late Roman Catholic cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua and his top aides lied about shredding a key piece of evidence in the clergy-abuse scandal.