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Ask The Doctor: Bariatric Surgery Part 2
Ask The Doctor: Bariatric Surgery Part 1
Is A Brisk Walk Better For Weight Loss Than The Gym?Researchers in London found that people who walk regularly for more than 30 minutes have lower body mass index numbers.
Weight Loss Apps Can Help Kids Make Healthier Food ChoicesMore parents are turning to weight loss apps to help their children lose weight.
Perfect Time To Start Your Diet For LifeDieting is not about one week of vacation, it is a lifelong process.
Fit In MinutesWhile the name of the Fit in Minutes app may be misleading, it's at least a step in the right direction.
Why Fad Diets Don't WorkCrash diets: they are a trend and they are popular but very few can deliver long term results.
Healthy Eating Tips for Weight Loss
Philadelphia Firefighters And Police Face Off In 'Battle Of The Badges'Philadelphia police and firefighters are gearing up for an epic battle – against each other!
Increased Waistline Means Increased RiskSome experts are suggesting that increased waist circumference should be added to heart risk assessment tools, like cigarette smoking and high cholesterol.
Eating Disorders Not Necessarily About WeightIn most cases, eating disorders go unnoticed for prolonged periods of time.
Health: New Research On One Thing You Do At Night That Could Derail Your DietThe one thing you do at night that could derail your diet, there’s new research on the sleep connection.

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