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weight loss

Weight Loss

Health: Weight Loss Product Government Warning

A new federal warning about some over-the-counter weight loss products. The FDA is going after over-the-counter HCG weight loss products.



Great U Sports Academy

Looking for a way to lose some of those extra pounds after Thanksgiving? Well, there are few exercises you can do to help you in your mission.


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Burn Off That Turkey With A Little Yardwork

What you DO over Thanksgiving, besides eat, will help you to burn off all the extra calories you consume.


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Obesity Increases Cancer Risk

The more weight you carry on your body, the greater the odds of developing cancer.


(File photo:  students outside the Temple University Student Center.)

Texting To Students Helps Them Lose Weight, Temple U. Study Finds

In the study, overweight students were split into three groups: a control group, one that received weight loss information on Facebook, and a third that received the Facebook posts plus encouraging daily text messages.


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Treating The ‘Obese’

Since the word obese has a negative connotation, it might make sense for physicians to use another word when treating and counseling overweight patients.




We call it hyperlipidemia — an elevation of the lipids in the blood that can be linked with cardiac issues down the road.


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Staying Active In A Sedentary Office

The latest technology means we don’t have to leave our desks to talk to colleagues or even attend meetings. But there are ways to stay fit even if you’re stuck inside and at a desk from nine to five year ’round.


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Some Good News About The Change Of Seasons

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Labor Day is one of those holidays that many people face with mixed emotion. On one hand it is an opportunity to get together with friends and family and celebrate. Usually the […]



Local Expert Discusses Eating Disorder Among College Freshmen

A local expert says the return to school, especially for college freshman, is an extremely stressful time that can set off an eating disorder.


New Study Shows The More You Chew The Less Weight You Gain

If you want to lose weight, you may not have to take some special pill or cut the calories dramatically.



The Mediterranean Diet

It remains the most talked about diet of the past decade: the Mediterranean Diet clearly stays front and center because of its beneficial health effects.



BMI & Weight Loss

Dr. Marc Rabinowitz, of Prevention First Healthcare, stopped by Talk Philly to discuss BMI measurements and weight loss information. Watch the video… http://www.215prevent.com Call: 215-PREVENT (215-773-8368)


Weight Loss

Temple University Researcher Studies Correlation Between More Sleep And Weight Loss

Research has shown that a loss of sleep is linked to a higher risk of obesity; however, one Temple University professor wants to find out if getting more sleep will help one lose weight.


Health Watch

Health Watch: New Fat Burner

The newest way to melt fat, just in time for summer. And there’s no surgery and no recovery time. 3-On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl shows you what it is.