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Gold-Bikin Receives Two Awards This Spring Honoring Her Legal Career

Sponsor Provided Content Weber Gallagher Partner Lynne Gold-Bikin received both the 2015 Lynette Norton award from the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Commission on Women in the Profession and the Legal Intelligencer 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award.  These […]


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Don’t Play Tug-of-War with Your Children for the Holiday Weekends

Sponsor Provided Content Who’s going to get me for Memorial Day weekend? Sometimes parents get so caught up on the actual date of the holiday they forget holidays and birthdays can be celebrated the day […]


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Why Marriages Fail….They Don’t Have To End In Divorce

Sponsor Provided Content After almost 40 years of a divorce practice, it is clear to me that some marriages do not have to end. It is interesting that you need to training to get a […]


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Fighting For The Frozen Embryos

Sponsor Provided Content Thanks to actress Sophia Vergara and her ex-fiancé the topic of disputes over frozen embryos are in the news. When Vergara and businessman Nick Loeb broke up, Loeb sued her for two […]


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Gray Divorce

Sponsor Provided Content Getting older may get you discounts to the movies, but it does not make divorce easier or cheaper. Although the same rules apply to the old and the young, for those in […]


(An overhang supports an EZ Pass travel time reader over the Blue Route.  In the distance, a remote-controlled camera sits atop a pole.  Credit: Ian Bush)

Part 2: Watching From… Everywhere

EZ Pass is one of a number of technologies used for traffic management that — for some — stoke privacy concerns.