(credit: Delaware State Police)

Defendant Resumes Testimony In Waterboarding Case

A former pediatrician accused of waterboarding his longtime companion’s daughter by holding the girl’s head under a faucet testified Tuesday he sometimes was insensitive and rough with the girl but denied that he enjoyed humiliating her or causing her pain.


Morse Child Endangerment

Police: Doc’s Waterboarding Possibly An Experiment

A Delaware pediatrician who achieved national recognition for his research into near-death experiences involving children may have been experimenting on his 11-year-old stepdaughter by waterboarding her, police said in court documents.


(Melvin & Pauline Morse were arrested on child endangerment charges. credit: Delaware State Police.)

Delaware Couple Accused Of Waterboarding Daughter

A Georgetown, Delaware pediatrician and his wife were arrested on Tuesday, accused of waterboarding their 11-year-old daughter.


Morse Child Endangerment

Delaware Father Accused Of ‘Waterboarding’ Daughter Operates Pediatric Practice

Two Delaware parents are accused of “waterboarding” their daughters.


(Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Local Author Pens Book On The History Of Torture

A New Jersey scholar who set out to investigate waterboarding instead turned to its not-so-distant relatives.