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Walk Now For Autism

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Nearly 15,000 Turn Out For Walk Now For Autism

Walk organizers couldn’t have ordered a more perfect day and that beautiful weather attracted nearly 15,000 people for Philadelphia’s Walk Now for Autism’s 10th anniversary event.


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Treating Autism Early

Many parents who have had autistic children know that something’s wrong early in life. There may be no specific test but they have a sense something’s going on. Getting help early can make a difference.



Using DNA To Unlock The Mysteries Of Autism

Researchers at Rutgers have collected DNA samples from numerous families that have a single autistic child, in hopes of shedding some light on the disabling disorder.



Autism Warning Signs

The American Academy of Pediatrics would like all children screened for autism twice by the age of two. Warning signs include babies who don’t babble at nine months and one-year-olds who don’t point to toys.