Coalition Calls For Investigation Into Election Day Voting Issues

Pennsylvania’s Voter Protection Coalition is calling for state and federal investigations into the cause of problems at the polls in Philadelphia and across the Commonwealth on Election Day.



NJ Extends Deadline For Those Voting By Email Until Friday

The Division of Elections has issued a new directive that gives displaced voters until 8 p.m. Friday to return email and fax ballots.



New Jersey Residents Offered Numerous Ways To Vote

In New Jersey, voters have four methods of casting their ballots in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.


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Governor Corbett Issues Order Extending Absentee Ballot Deadline For Emergency Personnel

Governor Tom Corbett issued an executive order extending the deadlines to apply for and return absentee ballots of emergency personnel.


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Gov. Christie Aims To Make Voting A Little Easier In The Aftermath Of Sandy

In an effort to make voting a little easier for New Jersey residents in the aftermath of Sandy, Governor Chris Christie announced the deadline for county clerks to accept mail-in ballot applications has been extended to the close of business on Friday, November 2.


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Opinion: Go vote.

Now, the question is: Is the country better off than it was four years ago? Anyone – including you – can answer that question.


Voters wait in line for early voting in Ohio (Photo by J.D. Pooley/Getty Images)

Opinion: Early Voting Is Getting Ridiculous

Now, this early voting trend that is sweeping the country is getting as ridiculous as being gifted for Christmas or one’s birthday 35 days in advance. There is much “shifty” benefit for the Democrats since they’re pushing for it.


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Richard Stockton College Pushes For $750 Million Bond Referendum With Hopes Of Expanded Science Center

If New Jersey voters pass the $750 million bond referendum on the ballot for capital improvements at the state’s public and private colleges and universities, it’s possible the new unified science center currently under construction at Richard Stockton College could become even bigger.



Study: Social Networks Influence Voter Turnout

New research out of UC–San Diego shows that social networks can influence political participation.


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New Website Simplifies Voting Process For NJ Residents

A Burlington County official has now made the voting process easier for NJ residents looking for November election information.


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Opinion: Keystone Election Kops

Republican Pennsylvania State Representative Mike Turzai gives away true intent of Republicans’ new voter ID laws.


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Pennsylvania Senate Approves Bill Requiring Voters To Present Photo ID At Polls

The state senate has approved a controversial measure that would require voters to show photo ID at polling places in Pennsylvania.


Stigall Show Log 1.10.12

Chris previews today’s New Hampshire Primary and reviews the slew of attacks now being directed at Mitt Romney. He talks to Rich Zeoli about the death of New Jersey Assemblyman Alex Degroce as well as the Mayor’s Transportation Chief of Staff Andrew Stober and Aviation Consultant Robert Mann about a proposed expansion of the Philadelphia International Airport.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–01/10/2012

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Voters In South Jersey Approve Majority Of School Budgets

Voters appear to be over the rebellion they showed in last year’s school district budget elections. Unofficial results show budgets are passing in a majority of South Jersey districts.


National Constitution Center president David Eisner (credit: Mike DeNardo)

Pa. Does Not Fare So Well In Civic Engagement Study

Pennsylvania is below the national average in voter registration and turnout, but above average in eating dinner with their families and talking with their neighbors.