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Voter ID Law

(Photo from PCN)

As Pa. Supreme Court Considers Voter ID Appeal, Hundreds Rally to Overturn Law

As the Pennsylvania Supreme Court sat in chambers hearing oral arguments on an effort to overturn the state’s controversial new voter ID law, a rally was held across the street to protest the law.


(File photo by John Ostapkovich)

PennDOT’s Late Thursdays for Voter ID Cards Begin Sept. 27th

The five Pennsylvania Department of Transportation photo and exam centers in Philadelphia will stay open until 7pm on Thursdays, from September 27th until November 8th.


(A sign at a Penndot center advertises that it offers a new, less stringent form of ID card usable only for voting purposes.  File photo by John Ostapkovich)

PennDOT Will Keep Phila. Centers Open a Few More Hours Each Week For Voter IDs

Mayor Nutter wanted extra hours and extra personnel at all ID centers every day until Election Day. The state countered with a few extra hours on Thursdays.


(Penndot now offers an ID card for use by voters needing identification to comply with the new law.  Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Pennsylvania Lags Behind Other States In Liberalizing Voting Laws

When it comes to liberalizing voting laws, the dark ages are catching up to Pennsylvania.


(Penndot now offers an ID card for use by voters needing identification to comply with the new law.  Credit: John Ostapkovich)

With 6 Sitting Justices, Pa. Supreme Court Could Tie Over Voter ID Appeal

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordinarily has seven justices, but Justice Joan Orie Melvin was suspended in May.


(Credit: John Ostapkovich)

Service Workers’ Union Pitches In With Pa. Voter ID Assistance

“You got your ID?” one person involved in the campaign asked passersby.


A poster for voter ID's outside PennDOT's driver's license center. (Credit: Jim Melwert)

Free Pa. Photo ID Available Starting Today

Starting today, a new Pennsylvania ID is being made available to help potential voters get ready for the November election.


(Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Opponents of Pa. Voter ID Law Vow Appeal

“This decision by Judge Simpson is dripping in political partisanship,” says Jerry Mondesire, the president of the Pennsylvania NAACP.


(Viviette Applewhite, 93, is lead plaintiff in the ACLU lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania's new voter ID law.  Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Judge Won’t Halt Pennsylvania Voter Identification Law

A Pennsylvania judge isn’t stopping a tough new voter identification law from going into effect.


(Groups are trying to spread awareness to voters about Pennsylvania's voter ID law ahead of the November election.  Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Commonwealth Court To Rule On Pa. Voter ID Law This Week

Although the actual impact of a ruling is unclear, grassroots organizations say they will continue voter education efforts on the law until there is a final decision by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


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Closing Arguments This Morning In Voter ID Case

After six days of testimony, the showdown over Pennsylvania’s voter ID law will culminate this morning with closing arguments.


(File photo, provided)

Pa. Top Election Official Disputes Negative Impact of New Voter ID Law

Pennsylvania’s Secretary of the Commonwealth was on the witness stand during day five of the court hearing on Pennsylvania’s new voter ID law.


(Pa. woman holds her new voter ID. Credit: Cherri Gregg)

ACLU, State File Final Briefs Ahead Of Pa. Voter ID Law Trial

The trial over Pennsylvania’s voter ID law begins next week and ACLU and the Commonwealth submitted their final court papers laying out arguments for and against the law.


(Credit: Cherri Gregg)

Elders Rally in Philadelphia To Oppose New Penna. Voter ID Law

The chant was, “Don’t block my vote!” as red AARP shirts peppered the lawn at Independence Mall.


(Philadelphia city commissioner Al Schmidt.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Philadelphia’s Top GOP Election Official Alleges Widespread Voter Fraud in City

Minority city commissioner Al Schmidt says his probe into the May primary is not related to, nor prompted by, the furor over the state’s new voter ID law.