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Volunteer Firefighters

(photo provided by Jim Marshall)

Shared Interest In Firefighting Ignites A Spark Between Bucks County Couple

Whether it was the heat from fighting fires or just plain fate, sparks flew between Bucks County firefighters Jim and Rachel.


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Bucks Volunteer Firefighter Groups Hoping to Refresh Membership Ranks

Volunteer firefighter numbers have been dwindling over the years in Bucks County, so a recruitment drive is now underway to try to get a younger generation interested in giving back to their communities.


(credit: CBS 3)

ACA Could Shut Down Volunteer Fire Departments Throughout The Country

Unless clarified by the IRS or amended by Congress, the Affordable Care Act could shut down volunteer fire departments through out the country including the 60-member company in Stone Harbor.


(Credit: Brad Segall)

Norristown Advertises For More Volunteer Firefighters

A billboard campaign designed to increase the number of volunteer firefighters in that Montgomery County community appears to be working, but officials say there is still a long way to go.


(Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Philadelphia’s First Firefighters Recognized On Market Street With Commemorative Sidewalk Sign

The Pennsylvania Historical Society has unveiled an historical marker in front of 221 Market Street to commemorate the original volunteer firefighters in the city of Philadelphia.


(Frame from a Cheltenham Township Fire Department video to recruit new volunteers.)

Cheltenham Township Goes Online To Recruit Volunteer Firefighters

With a $5,000 federal emergency management grant they got to attract recruits, Cheltenham Township made and posted a series of short videos showing the joys and camaraderie of volunteer firefighting.