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Heinz Quarterly Profits Decline As Sales Climb

Viso’s Gluttony Guide: Ketchupizing Your Food

By Mike Viso I honestly believe that all people have their quirks. Some are good, like my uncle that checks his nose three times and sniffs before getting out his car. You have to respect […]


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BBQ, Jazz And Other Glorious Things

I like to consider myself a man of the world. I find art fascinating; just say the word “expressionism” and you sound smart. I do enjoy the travel and history shows, but music is one area that I don’t delve deeply into as often as I would like.


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Viso’s Gluttony Guide: Break-Up Foods And Movies

Henry Miller said the best way to get over a woman is to turn her into literature. Currently, I’m getting over a meaningful but failed relationship so this column is more for than the brokenhearted than ever.


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Viso’s Gluttony Guide: Eagles-Cowboys Showdown

As I’m getting to know you, you’re getting to know me. I hope it’s been good thus far but today might change that.