Vacant Lots

(A vacant lot on Delaware Avenue in South Philadelphia.  File photo)

Phila. Lawmakers Advance Measure To Give Cleanup Crews Access To Vacant Lots

City clean-up crews in Philadelphia may soon have the authority to clip the locks on fenced-in vacant lots that are left in disrepair.



Over 500 Volunteers Helping Philadelphia Residents Rebuild, Improve Homes

More than 500 volunteers have joined with residents in West Philadelphia to help fix homes.


Vacant lot on Ella St. near E Westmoreland St.

Students Take Action On Vacant Lots Plaguing Philadelphia

The cleanup took two days, but the vacant lot at 34th and Clearfield has become the city’s newest green space.


Vacant lot on Ella St. near E Westmoreland St.

Philadelphia City Council Reduces Fee For Vacant Lot Cleanup

City Council’s vote last year to raise a particular fee from $30 to $750 prompted a flood of outrage and now has prompted a council committee to roll it back about halfway.


(Photo provided by City of Phila.)

Philadelphia Lawmakers To Review Massive Increase In Vacant Lot License Fee

Once in a while apparently you can fight City Hall. That happened this past week, as Council heard complaints about a huge increase in an annual license fee, and so the lawmakers are likely to cut that hike in half.