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File photo (credit: Chip Somodelvilla/Getty Images)

US Airways Fined For Stranding Some Wheelchair Passengers at PHL Airport

About 300 US Airways passengers complained that they were left unattended in the terminals for long periods of time or missed connecting flights when assistance was needed to get from one gate to another.


(PrimeFlight employee Nikisha Watson and fellow workers call for safety mesasures at Philadelphia International Airport.  Credit: Mike Dunn)

Wheelchair Aides at PHL Airport Demand Workplace Improvements

The attendants work for a firm call PrimeFlight, which is contracted by the airlines to provide help to travelers needing wheelchairs.


(The Septa power substation at Wayne Junction.  Photo provided)

Septa Gets Big Federal Grant To Help Refurbish Its Wayne Junction Power Substation

“Power problems at Wayne Junction” is a phrase you often hear during KYW transit reports about delays on Septa’s regional rail lines.


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Feds Clamp Down On Montco Company Running Bus Trips to NYC Chinatown

Transportation officials say safety is their top priority and they will not tolerate irresponsible bus companies that jeopardize the safety of bus passengers and other motorists.


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Philadelphia Gets $10 Million From Feds To Improve Traffic Flow In City

US transportation secretary Ray LaHood says communities put in a toal of $14 billion in requests for the $500 million that was available.


(Credit: Hadas Kuznits)

Feds Conduct Inspections On Passenger Bus Operators In Philadelphia

Federal authorities conducted random bus inspections Thursday afternoon in Philadelphia, near the on-ramp of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.


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Amtrak Commuters Will See Upgrades Thanks To Federal Transportation Windfall

The Delaware Valley is one of the big winners in the award of $2 billion in federal transportation funds.


A dangerous number of people under 30 are texting while driving. (Credit: Getty Images)

Federal Study Shows Distracted Driving Widespread

The US Secretary of Transportation has declared a distracted driving epidemic on American roads.