Feds: 'Drunk, Unruly' Passenger Attempted To Grope Women Aboard US Air FlightPilots turned the plane around an hour after takeoff so police could take the man into custody.
Stigall Show Log 2.14.13Chris discusses the merger between US Air and American Airlines, the lasting political impact to Marco Rubio after his response to the State of the Union Address, and the President's role in introducing sequestration. He also talks to Leroy Velasquez, who runs a website offering patrons the opportunity to pay for dates.
Stigall Show Log 11.22.12Chris analyzes how he thinks Republicans need to adjust their presence inside of popular culture to win future elections and Marco Rubio's answer to a question on the age of the earth. He talks to CBS Military Analyst Mike Lyons about the tensions in the Middle East, Tom McGrath from the Philly Post, Actor Charles Grodin and hosts the Piazza Pet of the Week.
Report Shows More Fees, Fewer Choices For Air TravelersA new report from the federal government says airline passengers can expect fewer flights, higher fees, and less competition.
Flare Scare In The Air Closes Runway At Philadelphia International AirportRunway 17 at Philadelphia International Airport was temporarily shutdown following a scare Tuesday.
Baggage Handler Sentenced To 5 Years For Attempted Cocaine SmugglingA 40-year-old former US Air baggage handler has been sentenced to prison for conspiring to smuggle cocaine in to the country on a US Air flight to Philadelphia from Jamaica in 2009.

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