Zeoli Show Log 08.29.16Rich discussed Donald Trump's push back on his immigration stance, the latest poll numbers and Seth Williams' girlfriend accused of slashing his tires. He also discussed the passing of Gene Wilder, Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand up during the national anthem and coal country in relation to the Presidential election. Rich spoke with Donald Trump Jr. at 4pm.
Many Seniors With Diminished Sense Of Smell Dead Within 5 YearsNew research suggests if a senior has trouble correctly identifying scents, it may be an indicator of life expectancy.
10 Things You Didn't Know About ChicagoMany know Chicago is known as "the Windy City" and Wrigley Field is one of America's oldest baseball stadiums, but there are a lot of other things about this great city that are not widely known.
New Study Finds Loneliness Can Be Hazardous To Your HealthA new research study from the University of Chicago shows that loneliness poses a significant health risk for older adults.
Losing Sleep Over AllergiesAllergies affect a person's ability to sleep. A new study suggests this may be far more important than we previously thought.
Study: Social Media More Alluring Than SexA new study from the University of Chicago found that people immersed in the Internet age are more likely to choose Facebook or Twitter over sex.
Hospital Room Noise Levels Comparable To ChainsawA recent report suggests that noise levels in hospital rooms may sometimes spike to nearly that of a chainsaw.
MoneythinkMoneythink teaches high school students financial literacy -- how to manage money, a bank account and become entrepreneurs.
Studying The Brains Of Teen BulliesGrowing scientific research and better technology allows researchers to look closely at the brains of teens prone to bullying.

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