Interview Prep Questions App

Interview Prep Questions is a flash-card based way to prepare for those uncomfortable queries that pop up so frequently when you’re in the market for a new job.



Simply Hired App

SimplyHired has a comprehensive database of job listings, broken down in the usual silos, letting you apply for and save those postings of interest.


(Chef Jonathan Jernigan makes some farewell remarks to the Cathedral Kitchen cooking school graduates.  Photo by Mike Dougherty)

Graduation Day At Last For Culinary Program For Unemployed in Camden

This was Cathedral Kitchen’s tenth — and largest — graduating class.


(credit: Tom Grill/Getty Images)

Employee At Will May Be Fired At Will

Unless you have an employment contract for a set term or are party to a collective bargaining agreement, you are what’s known as an employee at will. That means that you can be terminated at any time for any reason – just not a discriminatory reason.


Upcoming Job Fairs In The Philadelphia Area

View a list of job fairs taking place now through the end of 2011 in the Philadelphia region.


Chris Christie

New Jersey Legislation Fines Employers Up To $5,000 For Discriminating Against Unemployed

Employers in New Jersey can no longer exclude unemployed people when they advertise job vacancies.


83K Pa. Residents Could Lose Unemployment Assistance

“It’s very discouraging,” said Earl Seawright referring to the economic climate in Philadelphia.