Unclaimed Cash


BLOG: I Told You There Was Money ……

By Jim Donovan: Sometimes I feel as if I am talking to a wall. After all, when I speak to all my peeps out in TV Land it’s not like anyone answers me back. But […]


Claim Your Cash

3 On Your Side: Check To See If You’re Owed Unclaimed Cash

Not everyone can be as lucky as the SEPTA lottery winners, but you could be entitled to a windfall and not even know it!



BLOG: Claim Your Cash Final Numbers

By Jim Donovan: Did you “Claim Your Cash”? If you watched me last week on CBS 3 Eyewitness News and the CW Philly, I sounded like a broken record! Beginning on Wednesday night and then […]


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3-On Your Side: Claim Your Cash

Claim Your Cash! Thousands of people in our area are owed millions of dollars in unclaimed cash and property. Are you one of them?



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