Tyrannosaurus Rex

(A Florida fossils dealer has pleaded guilty to smuggling Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur bones Into the US from Mongolia.  Photo from US attorney's office)

Philadelphia Paleontologist Applauds End of Dinosaur Smuggling Case

The guilty plea last week to fossil smuggling is seen as significant by Ted Daeschler (right), paleontologist at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, for a number of reasons.


(Ken Lacovara, right, and a colleague wrestle the huge dinosaur bone cast into position at the Franklin Institute.  Credit: Pat Loeb)

H-U-G-E Dinosaur Find Spotlighted At Franklin Institute

“This is the first time anywhere in the world outside of Egypt that any part of this dinosaur has been displayed in public,” Drexel paleontologist Ken Lacovara said.