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Colleges’ Latest Offers

With families struggling with college costs and concern about the potential payoff of a degree, student enrollment has dropped and a growing number of colleges are adjusting their marketing strategies to attract students.



3 On Your Side: Saving On Tuition Costs

As college costs climb, so does the amount of the nation’s student loan debt. Rather than taking out another loan, 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan looks at some other ways to cut college costs.


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Offering Credit For MOOCS

Higher educational institutions in the California system are looking for creative ways to reduce college costs. A project with Udacity, a for-profit provider of MOOC – or massive open online courses – may offer a solution.


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Students, Parents React To Closing Of Epiphany Parish School In South Philadelphia

As the Archdiocese of Philadelphia prepares to close four high schools and 44 parish schools, students, families and community members are devastated.


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3 On Your Side: What College-Bound Kids Need To Know About Money

It’s the time of year when hundreds of thousands of college students head back to school and we all know what that means, money.


Penn State

Tuition At Penn State Expected To Go Up

Penn State University students face another tuition hike, though a smaller one than many of them had feared, as the school grapples with a $68 million cut in state aid.


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University Of Delaware Students To See 7 Percent Tuition Hike

Students at the University of Delaware can expect to see a 7 percent increase in tuition this fall.


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Penn State Main Has Most Expensive Public In-State Tuition Costs, According To New Website

According to the new website, of the 32 most expensive public schools for in-state tuition, Penn State’s 20 campuses are on the list, with main campus on top.


Temple University

Temple University Plans To Raise Tuition By $1,200

Temple University announced Friday that it will raise tuition by about $1200 per student this fall to make up for deep cuts in state education aid.


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Recruiting International Students

Why should colleges recruit students from abroad? First of all, they bring diversity to campuses as well as extra tuition revenue.


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Pennsylvania’s 4 State-Related Universities Could Face Serious Budget Cuts

During a state Senate Appropriations hearing this past week, the heads of the four state-related universities – Temple, Lincoln, Pitt and Penn State – said that the governor’s proposal to cut their funding by more than half would affect more than just tuition.


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Part 2: Private vs. Public Colleges

The cost of college can vary widely between low-priced community colleges and elite private universities. What do students at each kind of school get for their tuition dollar?


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Part 3: Is College Worth It?

The cost of college is stressing parents and putting students into debt, but they continue to bear the burden because they’re convinced it is vital for the future.


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Part 4: How To Pay For College

If the price of milk had gone up at the same rate as the price of college tuition, you’d now be paying 15 dollars for a gallon of milk.