Tree Damage

(credit: Pennsylvania Horticultural Society)

Plan On Planting Trees

If you’re planning on planting trees this spring, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is offering inexpensive courses, or you can do a little digging yourself, online.


tree damage

When Your Neighbor’s Tree Falls On Your Property

If your neighbor’s tree topples onto your house or personal property – or heaven forbid head – whose insurance pays?


Credit: Jeff Kolakowski, West Chester, Pa

When Your Neighbor’s Tree Falls On Your House

If your neighbor’s tree falls on your house, who has to pay for the damage? Well, that depends.


(credit:  Phran Novelli)

Broken Trees May Be Down — But Not Out

It’s never fun to see a tree get hurt in a storm, but it’s not always the end of the world – or even the end of that tree.



3 On Your Side: Filing Irene Insurance Claims

As some homeowners affected by Hurricane Irene access damage to their homes, many expect that insurance will help them make necessary repairs. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan continues to cover the insurance aspects of the storm and has more information that homeowners need to know.


Hurricane Irene brings down a tree that decides to then take a swim in the pool

3 On Your Side: Tree Damage, Who Pays?

All over the region the clean-up is underway. Homeowners dealing with branches, limbs and downed trees of every shape and size. If you’ve experienced tree damage related to Hurricane Irene, 3 On Your Side’s Jim Donovan has information on filing an insurance claim for repairs.