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Dorian Parsley

Phila. Police Dispatcher Pleads Guilty To Taking Cash For Tow-Truck Jobs

Former police dispatcher Dorian Parsley admitted she was the wreck chasers’ inside connection, taking more than $35,000 in bribes.



City Takes New Approach At Reining In Rogue Tow Truck Drivers

A new plan approved Tuesday in a city council committee would require tow truck operators to take a photograph showing a vehicle parked illegally on or off the street in order to tow it.


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Philadelphia Councilman Has Another Idea To Rein In Rogue Tow Truck Drivers

“What we’re going to suggest now is that we don’t require the ticket. The tower will have to provide photographic evidence and hold it for 60 days,” Jim Kenney said.


(One frame of the video showing victim Ray Santiago's body lying alongside his truck as another truck backs up to run over the body again.)

Life In Prison For Philadelphia Tow Truck Driver Who Repeatedly Ran Over Rival

Closing arguments in the case proceeded quickly, but not without numerous viewings of the surveillance tape from a business near the service station where the incident occurred.


Tow Truck Drivers

8 Tow Truck Drivers Arrested For Illegally Towing & Scrapping Cars

The Philadelphia Police Department has announced the arrest of eight tow truck drivers for illegally towing vehicles to various scrap and salvage yards in the city.