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Tony Hoffman

(A tree came to rest on the roof of a home on Silver Avenue in Willow Grove, Pa.   Photo by Brad Segall)

Local Insurance Adjusters See 2014 Winter Weather As Costliest in a Decade

Winter may finally be on its way out, but it sure has left its mark.



Preparing Your Home For Winter

Winter is approaching. Is your home ready?



Ace Public Adjusters

Our recent weather issues have caused many to take a good, hard look at their insurance policies. But who should you trust for answers when it comes to damage caused by the recent earthquake or […]


What To Do If Your Home Is Damaged By Flooding

We are certainly getting those April showers here in Philadelphia! Over the weekend, some neighborhoods even got April flooding, and maybe your home was damaged. What do you do? Tony Hoffman of Ace Public Adjusters […]


Public Adjusters And Flooding

With heavy rains pounding the area, you might end up with flooding in your basement or water damage. For more information on Ace Public Adjusters and Tony Hoffman, click here. Watch the video…