Tony Dungy

Stigall Show Log 7.22.14

Chris discussed Actor Jason Biggs apology on the View for comments he made on Twitter after the Malaysian Airlines tragedy last week, Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy saying he would not have drafted Michael Sam and the future of Philadelphia’s beer gardens. He took calls on whether President Obama should’ve changed his schedule after the plane crash and Israel’s invasion into Gaza.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–07/22/2014

Tony Dungy attended Michael Vick's introductory press conference to offer his support for the Eagles' decision to sign him. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

NFL Analyst Tony Dungy Would Not Have Drafted Michael Sam

NFL Analyst Tony Dungy admitted that he would not have drafted openly gay NFL Rookie Michael Sam.


Tony Dungy, right, shared the dais with Andy Reid, left, and Michael Vick, center, as the Eagles announced signing Vick to a one-year contract in 2009.

Football: Dungy Talks Vick, NFL Playoffs, Coaching

Coach Tony Dungy, a longtime Michael Vick mentor, says even he couldn’t have envisioned the success that Vick had on the field in 2010.