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Frontier Air Marks Return to PHL With One-Day, Bargain-Basement Fares

The Florida fares are available today only, and only for select dates, so you’d have to be flexible about scheduling.


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US Airways Fined For Stranding Some Wheelchair Passengers at PHL Airport

About 300 US Airways passengers complained that they were left unattended in the terminals for long periods of time or missed connecting flights when assistance was needed to get from one gate to another.


From left to right, Misty Pinson and Rina Cutler (Credit: Mike DeNardo)

Spirit Airlines To Begin Flights Out Of PHL In 2013

Next year, low-cost Spirit Airlines will begin flights out of Philadelphia International Airport.


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US Airways Looks Ahead To Possibly Starting Service To Asia From Philadelphia

The head of US Airways sees Philadelphia as a hub if it decides to start nonstop service to Asia.


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Tips For Preparing Your Child To Board A Plane During Busy Travel Season

A New England family was removed from a plane before take-off because their scared two-year-old took an exceptionally long time to sit in her seat and be belted in. A local airline has tips for parents to better prepare their child as the busy Spring travel season approaches.


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US Airways Goes Public In Opposing PHL Expansion Plan

Airlines operating at Philadelphia International would bear much of the cost.