To Do List

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Morning App

The Morning app wakes you up and instantly lets you know what the weather will be like that day, what your calendar looks like and more.


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The Donna App

Siri’s got an assistant. The Donna app acts as an electronic manager of your day, reminding you about things such as meetings and the weather.


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The Easily Do App

EasilyDo acts as a digital right hand, doing things like checking traffic before your commute or letting you know when it’s time to leave.


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Carrot App

To-do lists generally don’t have a lot of personality. You write something down… you check it off. But the Carrot app makes to-do lists fun.


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Fantastical App

Calendar apps haven’t really progressed much since the launch of the app store, but Fantastical makes it a little easier to schedule events.


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Note.S App

It’s not hard to find a notes app for your iDevice. There is, in fact, one that ships with the system, but its pretty barebones. The Note S app offers a much more elegant look, but doesn’t sacrifice simplicity.


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Projectbook lets you blend your notes, photos, audio recordings and more onto a single page, letting you stay on top of things.


Android Tablet

The Astrid App

Smart phones are all about staying organized and the Astrid app is just one more way to do that.


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Fancy will hook you up with people willing to run your errands or complete your daily tasks.