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Timothy McLaughlin

Jahmeal (credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Jahmeal

13-year-old Jahmeal is glued to his iPhone. When he’s not on his phone, he’s in the kitchen, cooking and baking.


(Patrick.  Credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Patrick

Thirteen-year-old Patrick has a strong faith that has led him to consider a career as a preacher.


(Carlos, left, and his brother Jose.  Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Carlos and José

Brothers Carlos and José are looking for a home together.


(Tajon.  Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Tajon

Tajon looks like any other nine-year-old but he has a grown-up attitude.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Wafiq

“Creative” doesn’t even begin to describe Wafiq. At just 14 years old, he taught himself to play the drums.


(Robert.  Credit: Timothty McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Robert

Robert loves computers and he plays the piano, even writes his own songs. And he has quite sophisticated tastes.


(Gianna.  Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Gianna

Gianna is a spark plug. This nine-year-old is quick with a story, a joke, or a song.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Jay

Jay loves camping, a passion he wants to share with a permanent family.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Skylar

Eleven-year-old Skylar loves singing hip-hop and soul like her idol, Adele.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Miguel

Eighteen-year-old Miguel wants to be a professional baseball player just like his favorite, Ryan Howard.


(Credit: Tim McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Jessica

Fourteen-year-old Jessica is only in ninth grade, but she already has her mind made up: she wants to serve her country.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughln)

Wednesday’s Child: Kareem

“I’m terrific, smart, I’m helpful,” he says matter-of-factly. “And if anybody asks what I want to be when I grow up, the answer is a firefighter.”


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Justin

“I’m very good at cursive,” he says with pride. “I’m very good at minusing and plussing.”


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Michael

Michael, a very motivated 14-year-old, wants to be a pediatrician. He’s already a good cook.


(Brandon and Rhyian.  Credit:  Timothy McLaughlin)

Wednesday’s Child: Brandon and Rhyian

Eight-year-old Rhyian says he and his 10-year-old brother, Brandon, have a blast doing all sorts of things together.




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