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Threat Prompts Shelter-in-Place At Burlington County School

The non-specific threat reportedly came into the Burlington County Institute of Technology in Westhampton around midnight Monday.


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Cops: Reported Threat Puts Charter High School In Philly On Lockdown

A charter high school in Philadelphia was placed on lockdown Thursday after a threat was reportedly made against the school.


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Penn State Student Arrested For Shooting Threat Against University

Penn State police planned to charge a 20-year-old off-campus student with making a terroristic threat to shoot people at the university’s HUB.


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Student Arrested In Connection With Social Media Threat Against Widener University

Students and faculty at Widener University were on high alert after a someone made a threat on campus.


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Police Probe Threat At High School In Galloway Township

The building was cleared and no one was injured as a result of the threat, according to police.


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School Given All Clear After Police Probe Threat In Gloucester City

Chopper 3 over the scene of 1300 Market Street where police were seen patrolling the area.


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Philadelphia Man Jailed In Death Threats That Locked Down Pennsylvania Schools

A Philadelphia man has been jailed on charges he made calls from a suburban Pittsburgh hotel room threatening to kill police officers, which prompted a brief lockdown of nearby schools.


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Police Investigate Threat In Hamilton Township; Man In Custody

Police tell Eyewitness News a man made a suspicious call to New Jersey State Police Tuesday afternoon.


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UPDATE: Plane That Made Emergency Landing At PHL Cleared To Continue On To Final Destination

A plane from Ireland is scheduled to make an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport after an unspecified threat.


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Local Expert: New Round Of Trouble Beginning With Al Qaeda

A terrorism expert from La Salle University says this is the most drastic preventative action the U.S. government has taken in regards to a terror threat.


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Man Sentenced After Posting Death Threat On Facebook Page

A Facebook page threat to kill witnesses resulted in a guilty plea in a Philadelphia courtroom this week. The threat grew out of a straw purchase gun conspiracy.


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Delaware County Middle School Student Arrested For Alleged Facebook Threat

A middle school student from Delaware County was taken into custody for alleged threats on Facebook.



Text Message Threat Leads To Closure Of New Jersey High School

Police say a text message threat led to the closure of a high school in Atlantic County Friday.


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Police: Camden County School Closed Due To Threat

The Merchantville School in Camden County is closed Thursday after school officials discovered a threat on the boy’s bathroom wall.


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14-Year-Old Arrested, Charged For Threats To Council Rock HS South

There are no classes today, and the campus is closed to all faculty and students until a thorough security sweep of the school can be done.