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Penn State University. (credit: Sean Laughlin)

Penn State’s Erickson Highest Paid College Leader In 2014

The Chronicle of Higher Education says a significant portion of Erickson’s pay was because he took ownership of his balance in a university-sponsored life insurance plan valued at $586,000.


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The Typical College Student Has Changed

Despite the economy, increased outcry over costs, and debate about the value, forty-one percent of 18-24-year-olds attend college. But who goes and how they go are changing.


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College Transfers

About one third of students at all types of higher ed institutions transfer, with transfers peaking in the second year.


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College Graduation Rates

National data collection systems count only those who finish college where they started in expected time – 4-6 years for a bachelor’s degree and 2-3 years for an associate’s. However, many more students do eventually get degrees.


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Humanizing The Business Major

The book Academically Adrift, and other surveys point out that business majors spend less time studying, and show weakest gains in reading and writing skills in the first two years of college. Now some programs are trying to change that.



A 20-Something Advisor For Higher Education

Zakiya Smith, 27, is now a senior White House advisor on higher education


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Helping Foster Kids Get To College

Research shows that 70% of teenagers in foster care want to attend college; but only 9% obtain degrees. A program at Western Michigan University is helping.



Carnegie Mellon To Open Campus In Rwanda

Pittsburgh-based Carnegie Mellon University will operate the first full-fledged branch campus in Africa next year.


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From Peoria To Beijing

The Caterpillar Company, which makes tractors and other heavy equipment, is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois and students at the city’s community college, Illinois Central are getting training for work at Cat — in China.


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Smartphones On Campus

Beginning in 2008, every student on the Abilene Christian University campus has received iPhones and iPod Touches, yet no one “killer app” has emerged that fits everyone’s teaching style.


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NCAA Penalizes Teams For Inadequate Academic Progress

When NCAA Division-1 athletes don’t make adequate academic progress, their schools may draw penalties of reduced scholarships for their teams.


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What A College Degree Is Worth

With tuition rising and a weak job market, many are debating the value of a college degree.


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Evaluating The College Experience

With rising costs and the purpose of a college education being questioned, a new survey suggests college presidents are concerned about the value of higher education as well.


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Recruiting International Students

Why should colleges recruit students from abroad? First of all, they bring diversity to campuses as well as extra tuition revenue.


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Economic Crisis Brings Opportunity

Yash Gupta, dean of Johns Hopkins University’s Carey Business School, suggests in The Chronicle of Higher Education, that the collapse of the economy, showing our ineffective and even destructive business methods, has created opportunity.