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Emoji Icons

Emoji is japanese for picture and emoji icons are little pictures that you can add to your text messages.


Mayor Nutter - Church- Youth Violence

Mayor Nutter Addresses Recent Problem With Youth Violence At Church In West Philadelphia

The mayor took his message to church – Mount Carmel Baptist in West Philadelphia.


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Cellphone Texting Remains A Hot Topic In The Pennsylvania House

A bill that would add cell phone text messages to the sales pitches covered by Pennsylvania’s Do Not Call list has been approved by a Pennsylvania House committee.


Texting And Driving

Philadelphia Police Crackdown On Texting And Driving, Jaywalking

A new unit of eight to 10 officers will rotate among five zones in Center City each day during the summer, enforcing laws such as no bicycling on the sidewalk, no texting while driving, and for pedestrians — obeying signals at crosswalks.


Health Alert: Stop Texting While Driving App

The top distraction while driving is a cell phone. Whether you’re chatting or texting, it can be dangerous.


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GroupMe App

Texting one person at a time can be tedious when trying to organize an event. Enter the GroupMe app.


staying connected

3 On Your Side: Staying Connected In Your Car

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – These days we all want to be connected through texts, phone, Facebook, you name it and automakers are responding with new technology to help make it possible to be connected even as […]



Bensalem Ban On Cell Phone Use While Driving Takes Effect

Don’t tweet on Street Road. As of today, Bensalem Township is banning certain cell phone use while driving.


Txt Drop.com

TxtDrop.com is an easy, web-based text message tool that can put you in touch with your friends fast



Gloucester Co. Police Asking For High-Tech Tips

The Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office wants tipsters to report crime information by texting it to them.


Texting And Driving

Pa. Lawmaker Seeks Statewide Ban On Talking-Driving

State Representative Josh Shapiro says using a handheld cell phone while driving could soon be illegal throughout Pennsylvania.


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Study: Texting Bans Don’t Reduce Crashes

It’s illegal to text and drive in Philadelphia. The same holds true for the state of Delaware and New Jersey will soon follow suit. But a new study shows the law may not be effective.


Shane Victorino

Victorino Preaches ‘Texting Can Wait’ To Students

The Philadelphia Phillies’ Flyin’ Hawaiian was up early Wednesday to make a pitch to local students. Shane Victorino wants the young people to pay attention behind the wheel and he took his message to the road.