Funeral Parlor's Reverse Psychology Ad Tells Drivers To 'Text And Drive'The billboard sits along the Gardiner Expressway in Toronto and reads “Text and Drive” with the logo for Wathan Funeral Home displayed underneath.
Judge: No Cell Phone For Two YearsA Michigan woman killed a cyclist while she was driving and texting. She received six months in jail plus probation and lost the right to use a cell phone for two years.
Montco Officials Get Behind Wheel Of Driving Simulator To Show Dangers Of Texting While DrivingMontgomery County officials and workers took turns in the hot seat this past week, behind the wheel of a driving simulator, to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving.
Texting A DriverWhen a texter knows that the recipient is driving, the texter has a duty to users of the public roads to refrain from sending the driver a text at that time.
Organization Starts Thumb Wars Campaign To Curb Texting And DrivingThe country’s largest non-for-profit for young people and social change is using an old childhood favorite to curb texting and driving.
Research Shows Texting And Driving Is An Indicator Of Other Risky BehaviorA new report in The Journal of Pediatrics says that texting and driving can tell you a great deal about teens and their behaviors.
Liability For Car Accidents Of OthersIt may be widely known that if you own a bar and a patron gets into his car drunk and hurts others, you can be sued - but there are other situations as well where you can be held liable for someone else's bad behavior.
Kids And TextingI think we all know that teens love to text and this is a key form of communication but it can be a deadly choice as well.

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