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Terminal Illness

file photo (credit: American Cancer Society)

Sharing Results Of Medical Tests

Should patients be given their lab results, x-ray and MRI results and other potentially life-altering test results without a doctor’s consultation?


(credit: Ben Bowens)

Life Insurance Exclusions

You buy life insurance to ensure the financial security of your loved ones but you need to understand what isn’t covered.



Questions About Death

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – I tend to focus on medical advances and lifestyle issues that can have a direct impact in my reports and, as a result, I don’t talk about death that often. But, if […]


Caring About Caregivers

One of the things that we do not do very well in medicine is take care of the caregivers.


Hospice May Relieve The Painful Expense Of Dying

When someone is diagnosed as terminally ill, decisions can be made early enough to prevent many of the last ditch attempts to extend life that not only cost a great deal of money but can lead to unwanted pain or further suffering.