E-Cigarettes Exposing Teens To Cancer-Causing Toxins, Report SaysAccording to scientists in California, vaping is exposing teens to "potentially cancer-causing chemicals also found in tobacco cigarettes."
Tide Pod Challenge: The Viral Challenge Encouraging Teens To Eat Laundry DetergentA strange new internet craze coined the “Tide Pod Challenge” has gone viral with teens across the nation.
Study Says Risky Behavior, Crime Down Among TeensA 12-year survey from 2003 to 2014 found that teens are less likely to start doing drugs, having underage sex, or committing crimes.
Is Your Teen Taking Risks With Their Food Allergies?Teenagers are known to be risk-takers and in some cases they think they are immortal.
More Time On Smartphones Linked To Higher Suicide Risk In Teens, Study SaysResearchers at Florida State University (FSU) say there's a link between an increased risk of suicide in teens and the time spent using mobile devices.
1 In 5 Teens Has Suffered A Concussion, Study FindsThe study found that over 31 percent of students who played a contact sport the previous year reported having had at least one diagnosed concussion.
Teen Drug Use Is Down, Survey SaysToday's teens are less likely to be taking drugs than their predecessors, a survey says.
Zeoli Show Log 10.07.15Rich discussed Ben Carson's response to the Oregon shooting, Tom McGrath being called out by PABJ and a nurse reusing syringes. He also predicted that the Cubs will win The World Series (according to Back to the Future), democrats speaking out against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton's appearance on The Late Show and the new Pro-Joe Biden ad. Rich spoke with Robby Soave of Reason.com regarding a 12 year old boy suspended for staring at a girl at 3:30pm. He also spoke with Sophie Gilbert of The Atlantic regarding the shaming of Chrissie Hynde at 4pm.

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