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Vineyard Golf at Renault

Local Boy Makes Good … Courses

A local course architect and local tee time deals highlight today’s entry…



You’re Away, Tiger

The equipment manufacturers and retailers roll out some contests during Masters Week and one of them will let four lucky golfers play nine holes with Tiger Woods…


Courtesy TaylorMade Golf

This Just In: Hell’s Frozen Over

Let’s get the confession out right up front.   I have fallen off the wagon.  I purchased new technology.  And I paid (ugh) retail. For years my mantra has been that if you want value in […]


( Courtesy TaylorMade Golf )

So Ya Feelin Lucky?

I’m not usually big on contests, but I think it would be great if someone from this area could win the latest one from TaylorMade… because I’d love to watch it unfold.   If you win, […]