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Invest That Tax Refund In Yourself

What is your largest asset? It’s your ability to earn a living!


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How To Spend Your Tax Refund

The best part of paying your taxes is probably getting your refund check.


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Blog: 10 Good Things To Do With Your Tax Refund

By Jim Donovan:  If you have a tax refund check coming your way, consider using it to bolster your personal balance sheet.  The average refund has been around $3,000 for the past two years, a […]



3 On Your Side: Save Money For Holiday Shopping

It’s as much of an American tradition as holiday shopping: post-holiday debt. But as 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan finds, trimming some costs right now can help consumers stash some cash before Black Friday.


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Enough Procrastinating – It’s Tax Deadline Day

The 15th was a Sunday and yesterday was a holiday in the nation’s capital, so your federal tax return must be postmarked by midnight tonight.


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BLOG: Where’s My Tax Refund?

By Jim Donovan:  If you have an income tax refund coming, you want to get your hands on it sooner, rather than later.  If you think your federal refund should have arrived by now, you […]