Tax Deadbeats

(Philadelphia revenue commissioner Clarena Tolson, left, and councilman David Oh, during a committee hearing about tax delinquency in the city.  Images from City of Phila. TV)

Council Balks at Oh’s Plan For More Aggressive Approach to Tax Collections

Councilman David Oh (right photo) wants any tax payment more than a year overdue to be automatically be turned over to a collection agency.


File Photo (Credit: Alex Wong/ Getty Images)

State Senate Approves Tax Measures Sought By Mayor Nutter

Okayed in the State Senate and now heading to the governor were two key measures, sought by the mayor and City Council, stemming from AVI.


file photo (Credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter Gets Defensive About His Tax Deadbeat Record

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is defending his record in the wake of a published report that found he has fared worse than previous mayors in going after tax deadbeats.


Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announces new efforts to crack down on those who avoid paying their property taxes. (credit: Mike Dunn)

Nutter Launches New Effort To Track Down Property Tax Deadbeats

Two weeks before Philadelphia homeowners are due to receive updated property assessments, Mayor Michael Nutter has announced new efforts to crack down on those who avoid paying their property taxes.


(City Council president Darrell Clarke, top left, listens as the chief clerk, lower right, presents proposed legislation.  Image from City of Phila. TV)

City Council President Proposes Higher Penalties For Philly’s Worst Tax Deadbeats

“We found that constitutionally we can have a two-tiered tax system, so we believe that the more you owe, the higher the penalties should be,” Darrell Clarke said.


(Credit: Timothy McLaughlin)

Philadelphia Tries Calling Tax Deadbeats

The city’s Revenue Department has apparently hit on a novel idea for going after tax deadbeats: call them.