Tamara Rhoades

(Michael Rhoades, Tamara Rhoades, and Steven Mills admitted abusing women in this dungeon-like basement.  Phila. PD photo)

Two More Sentenced in Horrific Philadelphia Human Trafficking Case

A Philadelphia judge has imposed sentence in a human trafficking, theft, and abuse case, saying he simply can not imagine how the defendants, or any human beings, could inflict such cruel abuse on others.


michael rhoades

Philadelphia Man Sentenced In Human Trafficking, Torture Case

A Philadelphia man has been sentenced to up to 30 years in prison as part of a plea deal for his role in a human trafficking and torture case.



3 Plead Guilty In Shocking Human Trafficking, Torture Case

Defendants Michael and Tamara Rhoades, and Steven Mills each have pleaded guilty in a stunning and depraved human trafficking, assault and torture case in North Philadelphia.


hostage suspects

Woman Held Hostage, Tortured In Philadelphia: Police

Police say a woman from Pittsburgh was lured to Philadelphia and then later held hostage, beaten and set on fire by people she lived with.