Tahrir Square

Egyptians celebrate in Cairo’s Tahrir Square (Photo credit: KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: President Obama Supports Egypt’s President-elect Mohammed Morsi

President Barack Obama called Mohammed Morsi, Egypt’s president-elect, to congratulate him on winning the historic democratic election.


(An Egyptian man holds up a poster of Mohamed Morsi as he celebrates in Cairo’s Tahrir Square Morsi's victory in the presidential elections) (credit: KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/GettyImages)

Local Expert: Newly Elected Egyptian President Will Have Little Immediate Impact

A local middle east expert says the election in Egypt will have little immediate impact because of a power grab, last week, by the Egyptian Armed Forces.


Students Arrested In Cairo

Drexel University Student Arrested During Protests In Egypt

A Drexel University student is among three American students who have been arrested during protests in Cairo.