suspicious vehicle

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UPDATE: Police: Vehicle Located In Gloucester Township; No Attempted Luring Incident Occurred

Upon seeing the Gloucester Township Police Community Notification System Alert, police say a man who was driving a vehicle that matched the description of a reported suspicious vehicle, contacted the Gloucester Township Police.


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Police Investigate 2 Suspicious Vehicle Incidents In Gloucester Township

Police are investigating two suspicious vehicle incidents in the Breckenridge Development of Gloucester Township.


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Police Investigate Report of Suspicious Vehicle in Egg Harbor Township

Police say they are investigating a report of a suspicious vehicle in Egg Harbor Township.


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UPDATE: Police: Driver Of Suspicious Vehicle Comes Forward In Gloucester Township

Gloucester Township Police say the driver who offered a ride to a child walking to school Wednesday morning has come forward.



Suspicious Vehicle Found Parked Outside AC Casino

A suspicious vehicle containing a package was found parked outside an Atlantic City casino on Saturday night.