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Alleged Hurricane "Hype" Saved LivesMore than a week after the storm I'm still hearing people talk about how "the media" overreacted.
BLOG: Famine In AfricaThe article attached to this blog post is one I came across last week and has haunted me ever since. It is about the drought and resulting famine in Africa and the tortured choices mothers are making in an effort to save the lives of some of their children over others.
BLOG: Back to school...ALREADY?!Ok, so I'm 38 years old and have been out of school for a long time, no surprise there. But one childhood memory that still remains fresh (perhaps something I still long for) is summer vacation, 2 to 3 months OFF.
BLOG: Lighten Your LoadIf you have young children and are overwhelmed by all the "stuff" you seem to "need" to keep them busy and happy and safe, you should check out this link. Apparently you only "need" 5 things for your toddler.
WOW What A Day, "TALKING"!I just finished shooting THE TALK. I was invited to guest co-host the hour long show in LA with Sharon Osbourne, Leah Remini, Sara Gilbert and Philly girl, Holly Robinson Peete. I was sitting in for Julie Chen who is on vacation.
BLOG: Why Can't I Be More Organized?I went into last weekend with a mountain to climb. I've been offered a huge opportunity to co-host CBS's afternoon talk show THE TALK on Friday, an offer that may only come along once in my entire career.

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