Blue Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse And Supermoon All To Take Place On Jan. 31The Earth will be treated to a hat trick of amazing lunar sights on Jan. 31, when a blue moon, total lunar eclipse, and supermoon will all take place on the same day.
First Supermoon Of 2018 Happens On New Year's DayA supermoon occurs when the moon becomes full on the same day that it reaches the point in its elliptical orbit when it is closest to Earth.
2017 Supermoon: Where To See, And What Time To Look For The Lunar EventOn December 3 Earth will view its only visible "supermoon" of the year; making the planet's lone satellite appear much larger and brighter than at any other point in 2017.
Monday’s Supermoon Will Be Extra SpecialMonday's supermoon will actually be super-duper.
Two More Supermoons Rising In 2016There was a supermoon just this past weekend. But if you missed that one, don't worry.
Lunar Eclipse To Coincide With "Supermoon"With Pope-mania ensuing in Philadelphia this weekend, there is also another cool event happening tonight, also of a heavenly variety. A lunar eclipse is taking place, this one with a 'super' twist.
Lunar Eclipse This Weekend Will Feature 'Supermoon'A lunar eclipse will take place this coming weekend, and this one will have a "super" twist.
WEATHER BLOG: A 'Super' Weekend You may have noticed the moon has been looking bigger and brighter recently. A Supermoon will occur on Sunday afternoon.
Nice Weather, Plus Some Exciting Astronomical EventsNot much detail to go into here, because it's yet another stunning summer weekend in the Delaware Valley!
Weather: Sunny Skies And Two Celestial EventsSunshine lovers and stargazers are going to enjoy the next several days and nights.
WEATHER BLOG: Moon ShadesDon’t put away those sunglasses at night for the next few nights – we have SuperMoon looking down at us.
Clear Skies Tonight Will Make Excellent Viewing Conditions For A SupermoonIt will be at its fullest point tomorrow morning around 7:25 a.m.

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