Super 8

Bill Wine says The Artist is 2011's very best movie and one for the ages.

Bill Wine’s Top 10 Movies Of 2011

With all of 2011’s movies either already on video, there and gone from theaters, or still beckoning moviegoers from marquees through the holiday season, it’s time to salute the cream of this year’s crop.


(Photo provided by Walt Disney Pictures)

‘Cars 2’ Races To First Place At Box Office

The vroom-vroom animated sequel earned an estimated $68-million in its impressive debut, topping the opening weekend of the 2006 original, and leaving the competition in its dust.


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‘Lantern’ Seeing Green At The Box Office

Despite generally unenthusiastic reviews, “Green Lantern” attracted lots of green this weekend.


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‘Super 8’ Reels In First Place At The Box Office

Totals weren’t exactly super for Super 8, but they were more than good enough for a first place finish.


(Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning are featured in "Super 8," an homage-of-sorts to Steven Spielberg's early moviemaking.  Photo provided)

Movie Review: ‘Super 8’

The sincere form of flattery that is cinematic imitation can also make for moviemaking magic.