Youngest Sibling Is The Funniest, Study ShowsA new study finds that the youngest child may be the funniest.
Study: Size of Your Hands Could Be Linked To IncomeYour hands may be able to tell your just how wealthy you’ll be, a new study finds.
Study: Dogs Don't Like Rude, Unhelpful PeopleA new study found dogs and monkeys tend to shy away from rude people.
Report: New Way Teens Using E-Cigarettes Could Harm Their HealthDoctors at Yale say a quarter of teens who smoke e-cigarettes use a technique called "dripping."
Study: Children More Satisfied With Relationships With Pets Than SiblingsIs the bond between a child and their pet greater than the bond between siblings? Researchers say it's pretty close.
Study Finds Girls As Young As 6 Are Less Likely Than Boys To Associate Brilliance With Their GenderFor the study, researchers tested boys and girls ranging from five to seven years old.
Researchers: Cutting Calories May Help Monkeys Live LongerThe research teams that collaborated are from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the National Institute on Aging (NIA).
Study: Children With Autism Could Benefit From Fecal TransplantsA study has found that children with autism may benefit from fecal transplants.
Study: Eating Hot Chili Peppers May Help You Live LongerIf hot chili peppers are your thing you might be ahead of the curve when it its come life expectancy, a new study suggests.
Scientists May Have Figured Out How Stress And Heart Attacks Are LinkedActivity in the amygdala, a region of the brain associated with fear and stress, can predict your risk for heart disease and stroke, according to a study.
Pew Survey: Officers More Reluctant To Use Force, Make StopsThree-quarters of officers surveyed said they are hesitant to use force, even when appropriate, and are less willing to stop and question suspicious people.
Revenge Is Sweet: Researchers Say It Can Be A Mood BoosterThe study found that feeling ostracized can lead to general aggression, and can even make a person lash out at people not connected to the situation.

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