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Study Shows Yogurt May Reduce InflammationThere is good news for yogurt lovers as new research reveals that eating yogurt may help reduce chronic inflammation.
Study: Millennials, Generation Z Are The Loneliest PeopleA new study finds people 18-37 years of age are the loneliest and they claim to be in worse health than older generations.
Millennial Parents Shop Differently Than Other Generations, Study FindsMillennials are largely concerned with good customer service with the practice ranking ahead of convenience, selection and loyalty programs.
Study: Regular Morning Meal Could Help You Stay SlimHow you start your morning could decide your weight and future health.
New Study Says Probiotics Are Good For LiverTaking too much acetaminophen, a medicine commonly used to treat pain and fever, and otherwise branded most-widely known as Tylenol, can cause liver damage. 
Study: Over 95 Percent Of World's Population Breathing Unhealthy AirPhiladelphia ranks among country's 'most polluted' cities.
Study: Organ Donations From Opioid Overdose Victims Up '24-Fold'Overdose deaths in the United States have nearly tripled over the past 15 years.
Late Nights Can Lead To Early Deaths, Say ResearchersA new study says night owls have a 10 percent higher risk of dying from illness than people who go to bed early.
Sugar Cravings May Help Lower Body Fat, Say ResearchersTurns out, the gene that makes us want more sweets can also help lower body fat.
Reading To Kids May Help With Attention Span, Says StudyA new study in The Journal of Pediatrics claims that reading aloud to children may have a huge impact on how well they pay attention.
Marijuana Legalization Could Help Offset Opioid Epidemic, Studies FindExperts have proposed using medical marijuana to help Americans struggling with opioid addiction. Now, two studies suggest that there is merit to that strategy.
Study: Rubber Duckies Harbor Potentially Pathogenic BacteriaThose cute yellow bath-time toys are a haven for bacteria.

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