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Study: Lack Of Sleep Linked To The Common Cold

In fact, researchers say people are four to five times more susceptible to falling prey to the virus.


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Scientists Say Blood Test Could Predict Breast Cancer Relapse Before Tumors Form

British scientists say they’ve developed a blood test for breast cancer that could predict a relapse months before tumors form again.


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Survey: Young Breast Cancer Survivors Make Treatment Choices Based On Fertility Concerns

A new survey finds young breast cancer survivors are making treatment decisions based on concerns about having children.


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Report: Fast Food Chains Serving Up Kids’ Meals High In Salt

New research reveals that fast food chains are serving up kids’ meals that are dangerously high in salt.


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Research Finds Women Recover From Breakups Faster Than Men

Breakups are tough on everyone, but according to a study, men take longer to recover from the loss than women.


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Study Finds Workplace Rudeness Spreads Like A Cold

Researchers say, “Just like the common cold, common negative behaviors can spread easily and have significant consequences for people in organizations.”


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Study: Over 50 Percent Of Children Think Parents Are On Smartphones Too Much

Smartphones are an easy way to check email, texts and social media, but psychologists say too much screen time can have an impact on children.


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Study: Spicy Food Linked To Longer Life

A new study, published in the The BMJ medical journal, finds eating spicy food may help you live longer.


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Study: Men Who Became Dads Before Age 22 Have Shorter Lifespans

Researchers in Finland say men who became dads in their early twenties had a shorter lifespans.


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Study: Philadelphia-Area Has Nation’s 7th Lowest Credit Card Debt Burden

The study looked at average credit card debt and median income.


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Study On Effects Of Social Networking

More than 1.5 billion people belong to Facebook, and about 700 million log on each day. If you’re one of them, you may not “like” recent news about the effects of social networking.


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Becoming A Dad? Expect To Gain 3 To 5 Pounds, Study Suggests

Many men gain a new sense of responsibility and purpose when they become fathers. A new study suggests they also gain 3 to 5 pounds.


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New Study Finds Link Between Fracking And Poor Health In PA

The study is the latest in a flurry of studies that show a link between gas drilling and health problems.


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Study: Napping During The Workday Could Result In Better Productivity, Safety

Researchers call on-the-job napping a “cost-efficient and easy strategy to increase workplace safety.”


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Study: Social Acceptance Of Working Moms At An All-time High

Researchers say acceptance is likely to continue to increase, even in the case of working moms with young kids.