Study: BMI Not Accurate When Measuring Health StatusResearchers say more than 50 million Americans who are classified as overweight or obese based on their BMI (body mass index) are actually healthy.
Do RomComs Make Women More Likely To Tolerate Stalking?Are romantic comedies making women more likely to accept stalking?
Study Finds Women Twice As Likely As Men To YawnThe study observed more than 1,400 yawns over a five year period.
Study: More Expensive Weddings May Lead To Shorter MarriagesResearchers surveyed over 3,000 people and found that the more couples spent on their wedding, the shorter the marriage.
Study: High Fiber Intake While Young May Lower Breast Cancer RiskResearchers found women who eat high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood may have significantly lower breast cancer risk.
Study Finds Taking Too Many Selfies Can Damage Your RelationshipAccording to a new study, all of those selfies could damage your relationship.
Study Finds There's No Such Thing As Winter BluesResearchers say a large-scale survey of U.S. adults provided no evidence that levels of depressive symptoms vary from season to season.
Study: Caffeine Doesn't Cause Heart PalpitationsA new study challenges a widely held belief that caffeine is bad for your heart.
Study: Skin Cancer More Deadly When Caught During PregnancyThe study looked at hundreds of medical records.
Study: Man's Best Friend Really Can Read Your EmotionsResearchers say that dogs are not just displaying learned behaviors, but they form abstract mental representations of positive and negative emotional states.
Study: Potatoes Linked To Gestational DiabetesNew research finds that women who eat a lot of potatoes before they get pregnant, have an increased risk of gestational diabetes.
Study: Estrogen Can Protect Women From The FluThe study found that estrogen reduced flu virus replication in nasal cells from women, but not men.

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