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Storm Prep

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Benefits Of A Portable Generator

There are a myriad number of reasons why these hard-working backup systems may be the right choice for your family. Here are a few.


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Is One Back-up Generator Enough For A Neighborhood?

Planning ahead to determine your family’s whereabouts during an extended power outage can help to maintain a sense of normalcy, even if the world seems to have upended. Do you know where your family will be best off during a long-term blackout?


Storm Preparation Advice For Pregnant Women

If you’re pregnant and plan to be home during a storm, consider these tips to be prepared.


What To Do When The Power Stays Off

Recent superstorms have caused unprecedented chaos. Here’s how to cope.


Disposable Goods To Have In Case Of A Power Outage

Stock up on disposable goods as part of your pre-emergency plan.


How To Make Food Last During A Power Outage

You don’t have to cut the last radish into fours to get your food supply to last.


Backup Generator Do’s and Don’ts

Before you buy, make sure to jot down these must-know, backup generator do’s and don’ts.


How To Enroll Your Family In Disaster Preparedness

The older children get, the more they realize what a dangerous foe weather can be.


Disaster Don’ts: What Not To Do In Case Of An Emergency

Hurricanes and severe storms can quickly escalate to disastrous proportions.


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Basement Or Attic: Which Is Safest During a Storm?

Be sure you know these guidelines if you must remain homebound during a severe storm.


How To Handle A Personal Emergency During A Storm

The storm of the century may be raging outside, but inside your home, life goes on.


How To Prep Your Property Prior To A Hurricane

Stave off damage to your property from a hurricane with these simple tips.


What To Do In Case Of A Brownout

If a brownout is happening in your area, there are a number of steps you should take.


How To Prepare For Hurricane Season

Being prepared for hurricane season can save lives and property.


More Than Hot Cocoa: How To Prepare For A Blizzard

If a blizzard is heading your way, stocking up on hot cocoa may not be enough.