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3 On Your Side: Wild Month For Stocks

It’s been a rocky few weeks for the stock market, and Wednesday was no different, U.S. stocks ended a wild day mostly lower. Stocks took a dive at the start of the opening bell, the Dow plummeted as much as 460 points in afternoon trading, ending the day down 173 points.


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The Value Of An IPO

A company’s stock price is based on what the market will bear. But on its first day of trading, how do you know?


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Class Action Lawsuit Against Publicly Traded Company

If you own shares of stock in a company, what does that company have to tell you about problems and when?


Stigall Show Log 9.27.13

Chris continues to cover all the details in the dispute over Obamacare and funding the government, and New Jersey’s impending doctors shortage. He talks to Steve Cordasco on Finance Friday, Comedian Chris Kattan, and CBS 3’s Beasley Reece to preview this week’s Eagles matchup in Denver.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–09/27/2013

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Illegal Insider Trading

So what is illegal insider trading? It’s when you buy or sell stock based on important information that is not generally known to the public because it gives you an advantage over other investors.


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Stock Valuation For An IPO

How do financial experts know how much a stock should cost when a company goes public?


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Tips For People Who Have Not Filed Their Taxes

The federal tax deadline is looming April 17th. For you late-filers, an expert has advice on what to watch for.


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If you like a constant update on stocks, whether you work in the industry or are just curious about the state of the economy, the Stock Ticker Pro app is there.