Stink Bugs

Stink Bug

Controlling Stink Bugs Just Got Easier

It’s that time of year again: unwelcome pests looking to make your home their home for winter.


(Brown marmorated stink bug (USDA photo))

Pest In Your Home Could Be A ‘Stinker’ For Your Wallet

Dealing with stink bugs is an uphill battle. They always seem to find an “in” to the warmth and shelter of your home. The pests also are expected to be a big problem for farmers this spring, and a real pain for your bank account.


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Stink Bugs Looking For Shelter

With winter approaching, those “stink bugs” plaguing the region may be making their way into your home.



Not-So-Scary Spiders

While spiders are often portrayed as scary, the truth is they eat all kinds of other crawling things that can seriously damage your garden – so they’re actually free pest control.