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Wide receiver Plaxico Burress (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

BLOG: Plaxico Burress In An Eagles Uniform? It Could Happen!

By Steve Trevelise: Back on May 1st, I set a scenario on my WIP Sunday morning show where I had Plaxico Burress coming to the Eagles. Now the New York Daily News is speculating as well.


McNabb, Grossman

BLOG: Donovan’s Grief

By Steve Trevelise: So if we’re to believe the Shanahan’s , Donovan McNabb’s “cardiovascular endurance” was too weak



BLOG: The 18 Game Schedule

By Steve Trevelise: I’ve heard all the arguments against it and I’m all for it. I think the NFL is the only business that could make you pay full price for an inferior product.


NFL, Twitter

BLOG: To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

By Steve Trevelise: Are we really so self absorbed that we need to share our inner most thoughts regardless of who gets hurt including ourselves?


Hard Hits, NFL

BLOG: The “Fine” Line Of NFL Hitting

By Steve Trevelise: My father is a retired Union City Fireman. For 30 years he went to work not knowing if he was coming home. He knew the risk and he understood it.



BLOG: Eagles Tackle Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and as you’ve probably seen by all the pink at the games, the NFL is doing everything possible to make us aware.