St. Davids Pa.

(What are all those program icons that show up even before you start working on your computer?  Graphic by Ed Fischer)

Spring Cleaning Tech Tips: Your Hard Drive and Startup Folder

If you’re running at maximum capacity and minimum efficiency, it’s time for a speed boost.



Glenside Man Accused of Shaking Down Ex-Girlfriend For His Sex Tapes

A Glenside man is under arrest in Chester County, accused of trying to extort money from his former girlfriend by threatening to release what police say were secretly recorded sex tapes of the two.


(An iPhone will tell you when it's overheated -- other consumer electronics may not.  Photos by Ian Bush)

Local Computer Expert Warns Of Heat Wave’s Potential To Damage GPS, Laptop, Cell Phone

While you try to do what you can to keep yourself cool, are you doing enough for your electronics?