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Orlando Magic v Charlotte Bobcats, Game 3

Spike Eskin: Larry Brown Or How I Stopped Worrying And Learned To Love Basketball Analytics

Spike Eskin explains some of the myths about basketball analytics, and why you should have an open mind.


Detroit Pistons v Philadelphia 76ers

Spike Eskin: Why To Like The Sixers Hire Of Sam Hinkie, And Why To Question Those Who Don’t

Spike Eskin writes that there are a million reasons to like the Sixers hire of Sam Hinkie, and doesn’t think most of the criticisms he’s heard ring true.


Philadelphia 76ers (20-26)

Spike Eskin: No News And Bad News In Sixers-Land

Since their season mercifully ended, Spike Eskin writes that there hasn’t been much good news with the Sixers.


Philadelphia 76ers (25-40)

Spike Eskin: Sixers Final Grades

Collins gets a C, Jrue Holiday gets a B, and Kwame Brown gets an F for this season.


Los Angeles Lakers (44-37)

Spike Eskin: Confessions Of A Kobe Bryant Hater

What would it be like if the Lakers were to go on a run without Kobe Bryant? Well, I for one, would love it.


Doug Collins

Spike Eskin: Not All His Fault, But Collins Had To Go

The Doug Collins era as Sixers coach is ending with a sad whimper. It’s not all his fault, but there was no way Collins could continue as coach.


Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks

Spike Eskin: Sixers Owners Need To Show Guts In The Doug Collins Situation

A report says that the Sixers would “rather” Doug Collins not return.


Utah Jazz v Golden State Warriors

Spike Eskin: The Sixers Best Move In Free Agency

Who should the Sixers target in the offseason?


Phillies manager Charlie Manuel (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Spike Eskin: The Philadelphia Sports Spies Walk Among Us

Spike Eskin guesses which Philadelphia sports figures may be international spies.


Philadelphia 76ers v Dallas Mavericks

Spike Eskin: Woe Is Doug Collins

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Unless your name is Doug Collins, in which case the crown is conveniently moved from person to person based on the situation.


Cobain Barkley

Spike Eskin: I Grew Up With Charles Barkley And Kurt Cobain

Spike Eskin celebrates the birthday of Charles Barkley and Kurt Cobain


(Credit: Dow/NBAE via Getty Images)

Spike Eskin: Sixers Fans Deserve Honesty And Clarity About Andrew Bynum

Spike Eskin: Sixers fans deserve some honesty and some answers about Andrew Bynum.


Infielder Pete Rose of the Philadelphia Phillies runs off the base as infielder Art Howe of the Houston Astros watches during a game at Veterans Stadium in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. (credit: Getty Images)

Spike Eskin: Topps Decision To Erase Pete Rose’s Name Is Disgraceful

Spike Eskin: Topps’ decision to erase Pete Rose’s name is disgraceful.


Philadelphia Eagles Introduce Chip Kelly

Spike Eskin: At Least Chip Kelly’s Making Decisions For The Right Reasons

Is Chip Kelly making choices for the right reasons?


Super Bowl XLVII - Baltimore Ravens v San Francisco 49ers

Spike Eskin: Parity Stinks, Give Me The Dynasty

Is parity good for sports? Or do you prefer the dynasty.