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Philly Top Five Power Rankings: Donovan’s Back, And The Phillies Are Gone

It was a week of new beginnings and sad endings. Eagles training camp begins, and the Chip Kelly era is born, and the Phillies season, and perhaps this era, look like they’re ending.


Philadelphia 76ers Announce Sam Hinkie as President of Basketball Operations and General Manager

Spike Eskin: Only The Media Is Bothered By Sixers Silence

In his first two months as the Sixers general manager, Sam Hinkie has not done much to become a media darling.



Spike Eskin: Glad Nick Young Is Gone, But I’m Sure Going To Miss Him

Nick Young is good basketball player in that he’s skilled at playing basketball. He’s good compared to you or me. But in the NBA sense of doing the correct thing in order to attempt to win games, Swaggy P fails far more times than he succeeds.


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Spike Eskin: Forgive Me, For I Do Not Hate Andrew Bynum

The Andrew Bynum era in Philadelphia is over. 11 months of torture, for both him and us, began with a bang at the constitution center, and then was filled with awkward press conferences, bowling, funny hair and frustration. I couldn’t be happier that it’s over.


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Philly Top Five Power Rankings: The Buy Or Sell Mania Edition

The Philly Top Five Power Rankings this week are about hellos and goodbyes. Andrew Bynum says goodbye, the Phillies could be saying hello or goodbye, the Flyers welcome a few, and we just can’t say goodbye to Donovan McNabb.


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Philly Top Five Power Rankings: Trading Chase And Get Well Dutch

Trading Chase Utley, Darren Daulton’s recovery, and the Sixers silence are outlined in this week’s Philly Top FIve power rankings.


2013 NBA Draft

Spike Eskin: Hinkie Comes Alive! Houston, We Have A Plan Too

Imagine you have a plan to accomplish a goal, and you write it down. You write down your entire plan of attack.


Donovan McNabb's Birthday is November 25th

Philly Top Five Power Rankings: Philly Loses Bryz, Donovan Loses Me

Never have we done more with less than this week. Not one Philadelphia sports team played a meaningful game, and we still had ridiculous story after ridiculous story


1. Ilya Bryzgalov

Philly Top Five: Mickelson Chokes, Snoop Wants Vick, And The Bryz Soap Opera

The Ilya Bryzgalov drama takes the cake as the biggest story in Philadelphia this week, but what else rounds out the Philly Top 5 this week?


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Spike Eskin: Let’s Hope Dom Brown Reconsiders The Home Run Derby

Domonic Brown has said he’s not interested in the Home Run Derby, but Spike Eskin says he should change his mind.



Guaranteeing A Win: A Basketball Analytics Perspective

Vasu Kulkarni owns a basketball analytics company, and wants to guarantee wins, and quantify sports IQ.


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Spike Eskin: Forget Vegas, Here Are The Real Phillies Odds

Spike Eskin takes a crack at what the Las Vegas odds should be for the 2013 Phillies.


The Masters - Round One

Spike Eskin: Jack Nicklaus Is Afraid Of The Media, And Has Every Right To Be

Find a spark. See if it will turn into a fire. Watch everyone fan the flames. Then sit back and wait for someone to put it out. Rinse, repeat.


Pittsburgh Pirates v Philadelphia Phillies

Spike Eskin: For The Phillies, Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Will the Phillies change up their strategy before it’s too late? Spike Eskin says “why not?”


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Spike Eskin: Donovan McNabb, The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Though Donovan McNabb has not played for the Eagles in years, he continues to be a topic of discussion. It’s ridiculous and hilarious, and thank goodness we’ve got it.