Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

BLOG: 20% Off Southwest Fares In/Out Of Philly

By Jim Donovan: Southwest has just kicked off a 20% off fare sale for flights in and out of Philadelphia. Here are the details: The 20% discount is off the total amount of a one-way […]


Stigall Show Log 6.23.11

Chris analyzes the President’s speech on the draw down of troops in Afghanistan with CBS Military Analyst Jeff McCausland and plays the audio of a pilot suspended for broadcasting his conversation to all the air traffic controllers and other pilots.

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT–06/23/2011

BLOG: Southwest 40th Anniversary Airfare Sale

By Jim Donovan: Southwest has kicked off its 40th Anniversary with a big sale. Fares start at $40 each way and cover every city found both on the Southwest and AirTran destination maps. Southwest’s fares […]


AirTran Acquisition By Southwest Airlines Stirs Up Questions In Atlantic City

With this month’s acquisition of AirTran by Southwest Airlines, there’s been some talk around Atlantic City about what the transaction will mean for the airport down the shore.



Southwest Airlines Passengers Told They Are “Too Fat To Fly”

A Bucks County man is embarrassed and angry. He feels like he was taken for a ride all because of his size.


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Internet Provides Data For Travelers Worried About Aging Airplanes

With all the concern these days about wear and tear on airplanes, is there a way for travelers to learn how old that jetliner is, before they get on board?


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Philadelphia Aviation Expert Wants More Planes Inspected

A Philadelphia aviation attorney says recent measures to inspect planes are not enough to keep travelers safe.


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Some South Jersey Schoolkids Get Extra Day In Florida After Flight Cancelled

Sixty-seven South Jersey high school students and their chaperones are spending an extra day in Florida, courtesy of Southwest Airlines.


Some Local Flights Canceled On Southwest Airlines

Three flights, Sunday afternoon, have been delayed by more than an hour. They include flights 11-16 and 10-22 to Orlando and flight 39-15 to West Palm Beach. Flight 16-22 from Boston to Philadelphia has been cancelled, as has flight 13-69 from Tampa.


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BLOG: Southwest Frequent Flyer Promotion

Southwest Airlines has launched a frequent flyer promotion in which it will give away as many as 10 million Rapid Rewards points to one hundred lucky customers. (That’s 100,000 points per winner just in case […]




By Jim Donovan: Southwest Airlines has announced that it is raising airfares by $10 round-trip ($5 if you only fly one-way). The airline cites rising jet fuel costs for the increase. Prices for jet fuel […]


BLOG: Airline Fuel Surcharges Return

By Jim Donovan: Get ready to shell out some more cash when buying a plane ticket. It looks like the old airline “fuel surcharge” is making a comeback. American Airlines has added fuel surcharges of […]


BLOG: Southwest Frequent Flyer Changes

By Jim Donovan: Southwest Airlines today is unveiling the details of the All-New Rapid Rewards program, the carrier’s frequent flyer program, which will officially launch on March 1, 2011. Rapid Rewards members can redeem their […]


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Tips For Being Courteous To Fellow Airplane Passengers

Holiday travelers may have more to contend with then long lines at airports and full body scanners. More people are travelling with their pets and some passengers are opting to do their nails at 30,000 feet.


BLOG: Southwest 72-Hour Airfare Sale

By Jim Donovan: If you’re looking to travel by plane in the upcoming months you may want to check out the nationwide airfare sale that Southwest has just kicked-off.