Social Security

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Christie Wants To Eliminate Social Security For Those Earning $200K+

Framing himself as a politician who’s unafraid to share “hard truths” with the American people, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is proposing an income cap on Social Security benefits as part of major restructuring plan announced ahead of a likely presidential bid.


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Woman Accused Of Collecting Dead Child’s Social Security Benefits

Authorities say Nakia Calicat’s daughter received Social Security from infancy to age 3, but when the young girl died in 2010, Calicat continued to collect her Social Security checks for four years.


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How To Max Out Your Social Security

How does getting more money sound? Laurence Kotlikoff, Philip Moeller and Paul Solomon have three tips for getting the most out of your social security.


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Social Security Payments To Increase By $20 A Month

By Jim Donovan: Millions of older Americans who rely on federal Social Security benefits will get a 1.7 percent increase in their monthly payments next year, the government announced Wednesday. The increase amounts to about […]


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3 On Your Side: Social Security Lists Living Woman As Dead

Each year the Social Security Administration lists thousands of people as dead who are actually very much alive! 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan finds it all has to do with erroneous entries in what is known as the Death Master File.


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74-Year-Old Philadelphia Woman Sent To Prison For Social Security Fraud

74-year-old Nancy Gonzalez was sentenced Monday to six months in prison — and then six months house arrest after she admitted stealing more than $155,000 in Social Security checks.


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Social Security In 1935: How Today’s Health Law Should Evolve

Imagine how social security was first administered. Now imagine how the Affordable Care Act could look in 75 years.


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Social Security Payments To Increase 1.5% Beginning January

Social Security recipients can expect a little extra cash in their monthly checks beginning in January. 3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan joins us now with a look at the numbers.


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New Castle Police Warn Residents Of Phone And Email Scam

New Castle County Police is warning residents of a phone and email scam that has been reported during the past week.


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Caring For The Elderly: Does China Have It Right?

China recently passed an Elderly Rights Law, requiring adult children to stay connected with their parents.


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Legal Obligation To Care For Elderly Parents

In China, an adult’s failure to visit elderly parents has just become illegal. In some cases it is illegal in the states as well.


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Ocean County Woman Arrested In Nevada After Disabled Daughter Found Dead

A Social Security Administration review revealed that Janet Wilson had not reported her daughter dead and was still receiving her Disability and Social Security checks.



Study Says People May Not Be Putting Enough Away For Retirement

Think you’re putting away enough money for your retirement? A new study might have you think again.


Audit Finds NJ Inmates Collecting Government Benefits

The report by state Comptroller Matt Boxer released Wednesday shows the state paid $23 million to prisoners over a 22-month period ending in April 2011.


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Social Security Administration Releases Annual List Of Most Popular Baby Names

Results for both Pennsylvania and New Jersey were fairly consistent with the national list of the most popular names.